Bid Writing for Grants 

Want to know more about what grants you can get for your business? 
Finding the process of applying cumbersome and time consuming? 
Not sure what they’re looking for in grant applications? 
Or are you a charity or voluntary group that is thinking of applying for grant funding? 
Everyone wants “free money” if they can get it but the process of applying is usually very competitive and requires a number of steps to be followed correctly. It also requires a number of conditions to be met and monitoring afterwards. 
We have a successful track record of applying for funding from a range of sources for various kinds of projects; government, lottery funding and trusts. We can advise you on what pots are available and what you might be eligible for. 

Services We Offer 

Research and investigation services. We will search and see what funding pots are available and which ones are best suited to your needs. 
Advise on what you need to do to get the funding and of the conditions you would need to fulfil. 
Advise you on your eligibility for different funding opportunities and what you need to do to improve your eligibility. 
A checking service. We can look over any funding proposals that you have produced yourself and advise you of any changes we feel would improve its chances of success. 
A bid writing service where we get all the necessary information from you and write the proposal for you to submit. 
A full bid management service where we look out for opportunities for you, research them and then prepare and submit the proposals on your behalf. 
A monitoring and reporting service whereby we monitor that the conditions of the funding are adhered to and report to the funders on that on your behalf. 
We can offer a tailor made package suited to your unique requirements and also negotiate a reasonable and flexible fee structure in some circumstances. 
If you would like to find out how we might be able to help you, why not give us a call or drop us a line to arrange a free and no obligation discussion? 
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